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Radio 4

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Tommy Williams, am: 16.10.2002 ]

Tommy, seines Zeichens Gitarrist und zweiter Sänger von Radio 4, gehört wohl eher nicht zu der Sorte "gesprächige Menschen" und so konnte ich ihm oft nur einsilbige Antworten abgewinnen. Nichtsdestotrotz hat seine Band Radio 4 mit "Gotham" ein überragendes Album vorgelegt, das sich gekonnt an Helden wie Gang Of Four oder Joy Division anlehnt und diese gleichzeitig neu interpretiert. "Gotham" ist eine Platte, bei der kein Fuß mehr ruhig bleibt und man endlich wieder Hoffnung bekommt, dass Punkrock vielleicht doch noch nicht ganz am Ende ist. Radio 4 sind eklektisch, mitreißend und verdammt tanzbar. Sollte also für jeden etwas dabei sein. Bitte schön.


Musicscan: How has the response to "Gotham" been so far? It seems like the album is being really well received. At least in Germany as far as I can tell.

Radio 4: The response in the States has been great. We haven¹t seen any press from Europe as far as record reviews go, but we¹re looking forward to playing there in November.

Musicscan: You recorded the album in a basement and then handed the basic tracks to Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy. Did you want a really fresh, direct and raw sound for the album? Why did you choose those two to produce the album, since they are mostly known for their work in the electronic music field?

Radio 4: We wanted to work with James and Tim because we¹re into the bands they¹ve worked with, and the stuff that they were producing was exactly where our heads were at for the type of record we wanted to make.

Musicscan: Would you say you are really influenced by NYC as a musical and cultural melting pot? It seems there are quite a few promising bands coming out of NYC lately including you, GVSB, Liars, Nada Surf, The Rapture etc.

Radio 4: I don¹t think it¹s possible to work, live, be a band in New York and NOT be directly influenced by the things that go on here. It¹s the greatest city in the world! The bands coming out of here are amazing!

Musicscan: I have heard that former mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani has enacted laws prohibiting dancing in clubs? Is this a joke?! Is "Gotham" an answer to this nonsense since it would be hard not to dance to your music live?

Radio 4: Giuliani is and was a huge dickhead. The man tried to rob the city of its culture (censoring art, dancing etc..) trying to make New York more of a disneyland. Have you ever seen the amazing film Taxidriver? That's when New York was at its best in my opinion. Why would people want to come see yet another Disney store or the Goddamn Yankee store? Bring back the prostitutes, and strip clubs! Seedy. That's how my New York would be. Hold on to your wallet! Gotham is a reflection of living in this fair city.

Musicscan: Are you very political people in general and if so are you politically active in anyway, e.g. are you involved in any organisations?

Radio 4: I think if anything we're more social commentators. We¹re the struggling, we're poor. We sing about what we know and observe.

Musicscan: What are your major musical influences? It seems like you draw influences from a great variety of musical genres? Would you agree that you are in the vein of what Gang of Four started quite a while ago?

Radio 4: We're all big fans of the whole British post-punk movement GOF, Joy Division, Aupairs as well as newer stuff in the house scene. I love DJ Rap!

Musicscan: Does Radio 4 pay the bills by now or do you all have to work "regular" jobs in order to make ends meet? If so what kind of jobs are you doing?

Radio 4: Radio 4 does not pay the bills, I¹m currently on the dole, Roman owns a record/clothing store, Gerard's a bartender, PJ sells concert tickets, and Greg temps.

Musicscan: Did you get compared to Garden Variety a lot in the beginning and did you have to fight those expectations to a certain degree?

Radio 4: Nope, not once.

Musicscan: I am sure you have received offers from other labels already. Are you satisfied with what Charles has done for you so far? Would a major label even be an option for you at this point?

Radio 4: Charles has been amazing! He's been extremely supportive. Everything we've asked for, he's made happen for us. If we went to a different label it'd have to be a sweet deal!

Musicscan: What are your goals with Radio 4? Where would you like to take this band?

Radio 4: World domination of course!

Musicscan: What are the plans for the near future?

Radio 4: Tour, tour, tour, make a new record, then tour some more.

Musicscan: Any last comments?

Radio 4: Nope, Thanks!

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