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Interview von: arne mit Ray, am: 20.09.2002 ]

"Intricate Astral Metal Featuring Elite Members Of BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT And SATYRICON" Reicht euch das aufzuhorchen und diese neue, norwegische Band anzutesten? Ihr solltet es tun, denn LUNARIS sind klasse. Lest unser Interview und die Review ihres Debüts...


Musicscan: 1- introduce the band and its individuals, please. what is important to know about you guys as individuals?

Lunaris: Alright, here is a quick description of the guys involved:
M - Guitars and backing vocals: Songwriter and co-founder of the band.
Balfori - Vocalist: Founded Lunaris together with M.
Azarak - Guitars: Guitarist & full-time musician.
Maztema - Bass and clean vocals: One of the most talented musicians around, who handles almost every instrument with the same skill and precision.
Janos - Drums: Our Italian alibi, young and a huge talent behind the set.
Ray - keyboards and management: Does the keys, writes some lyrics and pursues his own business when he has got the time.

Musicscan: 2- what was your motivation to build up this band? is it really a solid band? ...so do you plan to go on tour?

Lunaris: The motivation early on was for M and Balfori to start a Black Metal band. They soon realized that the term Black Metal was not wide enough for what they produced, and soon after it was a full band. Today we have a steady line-up which constitues a solid band by any definition. Regarding tours, there will not be any this year. Azarak will be touring with Satyricon for the next few months, and the rest of us will work with new material during this period.

Musicscan: 3- everyone's looking on the bands you have been in in the past. in what way is lunaris different from those bands?

Lunaris: If you are comparing Lunaris to for example Spiral Architect or Satyricon, I would say that Lunaris is somewhere in the middle between these tho acts. Raw black metal combined with supreme skills and a truly original approach to the genres make Lunaris a unique experience for the listener.

Musicscan: 4- what is your self-understanding of lunaris? what does this band stand for?

Lunaris: Lunaris represents individuality in it`s strongest form. It is a coming together of six separate men who all excel in different areas. Put together, you get what you can hear on "...the infinite".

Musicscan: 5- is lunaris a fulltime band? i think not!? are you guys professional musicians? what are other bands you are involved in at the moment? ..or do you run some kind of studio or record-label?

Lunaris: Lunaris is as much of a full time band as any other I know off. We have to split our time between our different bands, projects and workplaces, but when we get together, it is as a band, and not simply as a project. We all enjoy different lifestyles, although some of us do not do anything professional besides music. As for other bands, Azarak in of course in Spiral Architect, and tours with Satyricon. Maztema is in SA too, while Janos does both the drums and the vocals in Italian extreme-metal act V.E.G.A.

Musicscan: 6- what do you do besides playing music? what does your everyday-life looks like?

Lunaris: Azarak and Balfori are full-time musicians, Maztema and M combine work with the music, Janos is a student, and I myself run my own company in the advertising business, which also includes a management company.

Musicscan: 7- what is different or special about the music lunaris is playing? why should people listen to your band?

Lunaris: The approach which we have to the music is very different from most other bands. M`s background is unorthodox for an extreme-metaller, and he brings new elements into the band. This, together with the almost perfect musical execution of his ideas, make for a very special sound which you will not find anywhere else today.

Musicscan: 8- what kind of people could be interested in lunaris? where do you see your fans-base for the future?

Lunaris: Our fan-base is basically everyone who has a feeling for and understand good music, no matter which genre they usually listen to. The various elements in our music should make it appeal to a wide range of people, and I really cannot see the limits here.

Musicscan: 9- do you have a certain message to tell? unfortunately i only received a promotional copy without any lyrics. what are they all about?

Lunaris: Our lyrics are mostly about the individual, and it`s struggle against the conformity which today`s society enforces. Misanthrophic sometimes, very humanistic in an atheistic form, and always emphasizing the futiliy of any big-picture view of life.

Musicscan: 10- what are you guys doing when you enter your rehearsal room? what's your main focus creating new songs onto?

Lunaris: When we go into rehearsal-periods, M ususally has basic song-structures that we can work with and develop. Our job then is to polish the riffs, put them together so that they constitute a whole song. We work quite a bit with the cohesion between the drums and the bass, to make the rhythm-section of the band as tight as possible. The last step is usually to arrange the vocals, to make them merge with the music, to complete the work.

Musicscan: 11- lunaris is not that old so there is room to progress. what is a direction you want to develop into? ...or do you feel so satisfied with your record that you already reached all your goals?

Lunaris: We are satisfied with ...the infinte, but the next album will show a more mature Lunaris. It`s been 1 ½ years since we recorded that album, so you can expect some natural progression on the next release. It will feature more of everything: More blast-beats, more slow & symphonic parts, better production, more guitar dubs etc.

Musicscan: 12- did you have had expectations before going to the studio? have you full-filled them?

Lunaris: We went into the studio with ten songs to record. We had done demos of atleast some of them, and knew what we wanted. In the end I think it ended up pretty much as we wanted it, but the first recording with a band will always be experimental in the way that we all have to get to know how we work together in a studio. Bearing this in mind, we are quite happy with what we`ve achieved.

Musicscan: 13- have you already got feedback for your record? what do people think?

Lunaris: There have been published quite a few reviews already, and they`ve all been very positive so far. Even in the few cases where the reviewer doesn`t have a particular liking for our type of music, there have only been positive words about the original approach and skilled musicianship which is featured on the album.

Musicscan: 14- your songs combine lots of elements of different styles. is it planned to be more varied or/and natural happened?

Lunaris: When a guy like M writes music, the result will always be a variation between different styles and genres. There just are too many good riffs that cannot be left out just because they "don`t fit into the genre". Sometimes we start out with a simple melody-line, and still end up with a complex song-structure. This is not planned from our side, it is just the natural completion of the six individuals in the band.

Musicscan: if there is anything you want to add - do it please.

Lunaris: Thanx for your time. Buy the album, and always, stay metal!

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