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Light Pupil Dilate

Interview von: Daniel mit M.Chvasta, am: 14.03.2008 ]

Die Basis des Sounds von LIGHT PUPIL DILATE bildet zum Teil eine Art Rückschau in die Musikgeschichte der 70er. Die Band verbindet den progressiven Touch einer Band wie King Crimson mit den brutalen Aspekten von Metal-Bands wie Slayer und Sepultura. Dazu gesellen sich die raue Attitüde des Hardcore und Einsprengsel der eher desillusionierten PostCore-Szene. Das klingt wütend, teils verworren bzw. progressiv und stimmungsvoll, frustriert und dann wieder heftigst aggressiv.


Musicscan: What would you regard as an musical influence? What made you choose the same producer as Mastodon did?

Light Pupil Dilate: Hello this is Chvasta from LPD. I really dig older hardcore, metal, rock, and punk stuff like Nomeansno, Jesus Lizard, His Hero is Gone, and Shiner’s early stuff. Early Sunny Day Real Estate, Boys Life, and Morrissey influenced Eric. Mike Green grew up playing Descendents, Ah Ha, and Slayer on the drums. We picked Matt Washburn as a producer because he’s his prices are the cheapest around and he’s the only guy around Atlanta that really digs his claws deeply into recording heavy music. And his bluejeans are the coolest in town. Always ripped, all the time.

Musicscan: Would you say, that the acceptance for progressive, technical advanced music has become broader in the last years. What would you say is the reason for this "trend". I’ll speak for what I’ve seen in the ‘States.

Light Pupil Dilate: There’s only so much sugary 3 chord pop bullshit one can take. Musicians want to play. And it appears that EVERYONE is in a band now, so everybody’s trying to play metal because they think it makes them tougher. I think the resurgence of stuff came directly from IRON MAIDEN, because all the retarded kids started wearing Maiden shirts as a joke here in the states, then people realized how good Maiden was in the 80’s again. Then everybody that played hardcore started trying to do duelling Maidenesque guitar leads and solos over generic hardcore music. Then it went metal. Then the tight pants came. And it was all over from there. Windmill city, yo.

Musicscan: What does the album's title as well as the bands name refer to?

Light Pupil Dilate: Eric is really into Vietnamese pornography VHS videotapes. He gets them imported on the black market through newsgroups and underground message boards. He ordered “Bamboo Beatdown”, and was mistakenly sent a bottle of “snake wine” instead. He was dumbfounded by it… Snake Wine is cheap liquor with a real cobra that was gutted, bled into the wine, and stuffed into the bottle for “healing properties”. We all got seriously FUCKED UP on it, watched Rambo 3, and ended up in a Vietnamese massage parlour. The rest is history.

Musicscan: Does being a trio offer you any advantages or disadvantages as far as Songwriting and arrangement is concerned?

Light Pupil Dilate: It’s a battle. The less folks involved in the battle, the less of a chance there is for someone to get hurt. One time Eric got pissed and kicked over green’s drum set. I’ve broken about 3 mics throwing them in our rehearsal space. Amps have been thrown, shit kicked in, walls and doors punched through, chairs thrown, basses thrown and cabinets thrown… nobody else would dare take part in our writing process. They’d be SLAIN.

Musicscan: What do you expect in the future from working with Lifeforce and how do you see things for LPD?

Light Pupil Dilate: We’re ready to tour Europe to support this release. We CAN’T WAIT, because I think Europe will a market our type of rock will be able to succeed in. That, and it’s 3 steps closer to Vietnam. Thank you for your time and interest in what we do. Sincerely, El P d

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