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Interview von: arne mit Uppercut, am: 19.08.2002 ]

UPPERCUT legten kürzlich mit "A Luta Continua" ihr drittes Album vor. Die 16 Songs bieten bestes Old School- Geknüppel mit punkiger Attitüde und jeder Menge Klischee. "Fast furious old school hardcore just in the early days" nennt es das Label. Bands wie Minor Threat, Upfront, Wide Awake oder frühe Sick Of It All weisen den Weg...


Musicscan: first of all: i never heard of your band before i received a copy of "a luta continua" - what is to know about uppercut and its past?

Uppercut: we hail from zeeland, the netherlands...started this thing 7 years ago, with the intention to play fast hardcore...put out a demo and 2 cd's, and released the 3rd album on i scream recs this year.we're playing as much as we can, and are looking to get more shows outside of holland.

Musicscan: what have you released in the past and how did you guys get involved in the hardcore-scene?

Uppercut: demo, 2 cd's, 5 songs on the new league of hc.as for how i got involved with hc....the key word is skateboarding.suicidal, DRI, minorthreat...picked that stuff up 12 years ago and it has stuck with me ever since.

Musicscan: what's your attitude towards hardcore and all these hardcore- cliches?

Uppercut: i'm guessing you're hinting towards stuff like unity and so on.well...to me hardcore is the music i listen to, the stuff i play on my stereo, the music that makes me want to slam and stagedive at shows...music with a message i can relate to...to be more precise; the true spirit of hc to me lies in these words; be yourself....be yourself and try to respect other people and their choices in life...except for those dummies in the outside world, hahaha...only joking.seriously, hc should be fun, and an outlet for any and all negative emotions one is bound to have from time to time.

Musicscan: you fullfill a lot of the cliches people have in mind when they think of oldschool-bands…

Uppercut: eeeeh, i feel we more or less meet most people's expectations when it comes to fast old school hc with a punkrock feel.

Musicscan: why do you play this style of hardcore you'e playing. what's your motivation to run uppercut?

Uppercut: fast hc is fun, playing shows is fun, meeting kids and hanging out and driving at night and recording songsyou wrote and printing up shirts....get the point?

Musicscan: why did you choose to put the skaters on the cover? do you consider your music being a soundtrack for skating kids? (isn't it another chliche!?)

Uppercut: like i said, i got into hc through skateboarding, so to me the 2 go hand in hand...we also have a song called skatesong (!), which is basically about the old days of skateboarding...wide boards, huge wheels...i'm a skateboarder, and so is robin (guitar)...we skate, we play hc, it's all the same.

Musicscan: back in the past there was this blackout- band called uppercut. you probably know about them. did you title your band after this uppercut as some kind of tribute-thing?

Uppercut: no way...we found out after a couple of years that there used to be another uppercut in nyc...but we figured that practically nobody was into this band, so therefor we might as well keep the name...i got some shit for it, but then again, friends of mine from NY even told me to keep the name, because the nyc uppercut never really meant that much...so i'll take their word for it.but i don'treally care anyway...we're uppercut, we're from holland, we've lasted for 7 years up until now...beat that.

Musicscan: what about your lyrics: you seem to be disappointed about many kids involved in the hardcore-scene!?!

Uppercut: lots of stupid kids everywhere dude...kids who don't like old school, kids who jump from one thing to another...whatever.

Musicscan: hardcore has always been a youth-related music full of fears and dreams - do you understand people turning their back to this scene when they become older?

Uppercut: no and fuck that.the average age in uppercut is 30 years old.case closed.

Musicscan: ...oh - there is this id with this basball-bat in its hands - all those kids seem to be angry and aggressive... what do you want to express with this picture and what's your attitude toward violence. is it allowed to use violence to reach goals?

Uppercut: I just want to say that violence is never the answer...and about that drawing...dude!it's hc!we play fast and very agressive music...that is reflected in the artwork we use for our releases...kids with baseball bats are fucking awesome.beat on the brat with a baseball bat.

Musicscan: if you have to explain what uppercut is doing - what is your band all about?

Uppercut: having fun, playing shows, listening to face to face, skateboarding, slamming, stagediving.and hardcore.

Musicscan: do you have a certain message to tell?

Uppercut: be yourself, take pride in what you do, and don't let anyone EVER tell you that what you do is a waste of time.

Musicscan: here you'll have opportunity to say whatever you want to say...

Uppercut: check out this stuff, it will make your life worth living: face to face, descendents, wide awake, minor threat, excel, bouncing souls, government issue...
also; start a fucking band.listen to punkrock.listen to old school.go to shows and have fun.start a label, do a zine...make a fucking effort.

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