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Nachdem DRT Entertainment kürzlich sowohl die ersten beiden Alben der schwedischen Blindside als auch eine randvolle Live- bzw. Doku-DVD veröffentlichte, folgt mit “The Great Depression“ nun ein neuer Studio-Longplayer der Band. Die musikalische Entwicklung der letzten Jahre setzt sich darauf fort, denn chaotische Hardcore-Arrangements gehören längst der Vergangenheit an. Blindside sind heute eine modern angelegte Rock-Band, die ihre Wurzeln nicht verleugnet und vielerlei Einflüssen offen gegenübersteht.


Musicscan: Are you excited about your new record? What have the reactions on The Great Depression been so far?

Blindside: Sure, it's always fun to release new material and so far the feedback has been great. The record have become a bit of a concept album lyrically I think and we've taken a few new steps musically and it feels that people get it which is always a nice reward.

Musicscan: I like to think Blindside is in need of open minded listeners, because you play a complex mixture of different styles. Do you may have problems to find your right crowd after changig bands sounding over the last years?

Blindside: Our fans have always been pretty open minded from the start. None of the records we've done sound the same cause we couldn't see ourselves doing the same record all over again and for some reason people stick around and try to get into whatever we're doing for each record. Of course you win some and you loose some when you work like that but that's the price you'll have to pay if you want to keep yourself interested I think. If you try too hard to please people it's easy to loose focus on what you're trying to accomplish. We'd rather follow our hearts and hope that people get into it because of the passion we put into what we're doing.

Musicscan: Muscially Blindside changed over the years into a more post-rock styled outfit. (Hopefully you agree with my view.) Do you feel that you already found your "own" new sounding, or is Blindside still evolving?

Blindside: Well, I do think we try to develop our sound on every record but we usually don't have a plan beforehand. We go into the studio and push ourselves into whatever feels good at the moment, be it heavy or mellow, melodic or not. It just needs to have passion. We don't really feel that there are any limits to where we can go musically, if we feel like a string section or electronic parts in the songs that's fine, just like we love having a full on hardcore song like Yamkela on the record. As long as it makes sense to us in the end.

Musicscan: Beside The Great Depression features songs that vary from traditional rock to post-rock, hardcore, screamo, the record is a perfecetly balanced in all aspects. Has this been something you were heading for?

Blindside: Thanks. That's something that we try to reach at the end of the recording. To have a certain balance cause that's the tricky part usually; to have all those elements and still make it feel like a solid record where everything fits in.

Musicscan: Were you going for a more inclusive approach to your music right from the beginning or is it a result of your progression?

Blindside: Not really, we set out to do a record that felt fresh to us and hopefully to others as well. For me it feels like a lot of music sounds the same today which makes you want to do something original but in the end it's up to the listener to feel what the record is to them.

Musicscan: Would you agree to say the new songs are more focused as well as being more controlled while still keeping a lot of room to grow for the plain music?

Blindside: Yes, the control I think comes from us being four individuals putting our creative minds together but at the same time wanting more than ever before to be open for improvisations or changes along the way. Working with producer Lasse Mårtén here in Sweden made it a lot easier cause he has the same mindset when it comes to making music. It doesn't have to be perfect in any way, it's more important to capture the essence of the song.

Musicscan: Is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Blindside: Yes and no. Most of it comes naturally with just wanting to explore ourselves musically and not being afraid of what it becomes in the end.

Musicscan: Have there been certain issues you specifically wanted to address with The Great Depression?

Blindside: The record ended up being a bit of a concept album lyrically even though we didn't planned it that way. It's basically an observation of the state of our society. It's hard to write down in just a few sentences but one of the things we've been talking about is how we're all kind of caught up in ways of satisfying ourselves with shortterm kicks and distractions and rarely stopping to ask ourselves why we're doing it. For some reason we're always surrounded by noises such as tv, radio, dvd's, interenet... it seems like it's hard to relax and just sit down in silence to reflect over things when we live in such a highspeed society where nothing ever slows down. A lot of times it leads to stressrelated diseases such as depression, insomnia and people getting burned out in a young age. Who knows where it's going but I think eventually people will get tired of living this way and perhaps starting to ask more questions and I think that's one of the things that we're trying to adress with the title: the great depression. We're not pointing fingers or claiming to have answers since we're part of this but rather just putting it out there for discussion and also expressing our ways of dealing with it.

Musicscan: With the new record you had a larger amount of time to spend on it, right? Did this make the whole process of writing and recording easier for you?

Blindside: That was the plan from the beginning but we didn't have as much time as we'd wanted. We'd just come back from 6 months of touring and Christian left for South Africa for almost 2 months so we didn't really start working on the new record together until late January. I think also that the writing process was more trying than we'd hoped. We started out making songs in one direction which changed a bit along the way so by the time we were going into the studio we didn't have a whole lot of extra time to play with. This was also because us and the record company wanted to release the record as soon as possible.

Musicscan: Do you feel that the new record is a pretty good representation of Blindside s sounding as of now?

Blindside: Yes, sure. It's the perfect representation of our sound right now but it'll move into something different on the next record. We don't change the "style" of music because we didn't like how it sounded though, it's more of a will to find new ways to express ourselves.

Musicscan: What is the essence of Blindsie? What does it all come down to?

Blindside: The essence of blindside is four friends who's passionate about music and passionate about our faith and feel blessed to have been able to enjoy this with people all over the place for over 10 years now.

Musicscan: What does the future hold for you band. Are there already plans for some German gigs in support of The Great Depression?

Blindside: We have plans for a European tour in the spring of 2006 and of course that will include a few German dates, we can't wait to come back, it's been way too long since we were there.

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