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Last Of The Famous

Interview von: arne mit Daniel, am: 09.10.2004 ]

Porcell kann's einfach nicht lassen und ich bin richtig froh, das dem so ist. Sonst käme ich nämlich nicht in den Genuss einer so genialen Pop-Hardcore Platte wie "The Music Or The Misery", dem Debüt von Last Of The Famous.


Musicscan: introduce Last Of The Famous and its members, please. who's the guy answering my questions right now?

Last Of The Famous: This is Daniel and im the singer of last of the famous. Then you have porcell on guitar, supergrass on second guitar, alex Garcia on drums , and mike stankovich on bass. There you go the line up of last of the famous.

Musicscan: what does Last Of The Famous stands for? Is it a real band or just some kind of project? what are the goals you are reaching for? Tell me something about your ideas behind Last Of The Famous, please.

Last Of The Famous: This is defanatly a real band and we all feel the same in the band, this is what we wanna do with our lives , we want this to be ful time and we are gonna first of all just tour for a really long time on this record , but we already have a lot of ideas for another album. Were not a straight up political band , but we have some really important things that we all stand for , like we all support a vegan /vegetarian lifestyle + some of us are straight edge.

Musicscan: Seeing as how you guys were members of so many other bands in the past, do you feel like people paid attention to you for that only reason at first and would be into it regardless of what you sounded like?

Last Of The Famous: I actually don't think so so much , I know that our label has been using this in ads and others, but otherwise I feel like we actually have to kind of start all over again, this is something different for us, were defiantly more of a punk band with last of the famous , then things that we did before. I really hope that kids that know s since before will give it a chanse and check it out. Last of the famous is something that we are really proud of.

Musicscan: I did notice as well, that you forced this whole ex-member tag, why do you?

Last Of The Famous: Like I said . I think the label used it to sell hose first copys of the record , but I really don't think that we needed it so much, I think kids that care would have known anyway. It wasn't really our plan to do it like that if you know what I meen, more the label I think.

Musicscan: did you always had people who supported you right from the beginning?

Last Of The Famous: I guess we did , but people don't really know about us yet, we haven't played so much live yet, but were looking to go out and tour a lot for the rest of this year, so kids , please pick up and check out the record , so we all can have a good time when we come threw.

Musicscan: honestly i never heard of 456 entertainment before. can you introduce this label to me, please. why did you choose to release through them? you surely had other offers, right?

Last Of The Famous: We felt like we wanted to try something completely different, we wanted to go with some new blood. This label is just another small indie , but they do have some cool ideas that we liked. Its run buy 3 people , john davis , john rifkind (x load records) and Carson daly ( last call with Carson daly) We just felt like we have been on all the same labels always and just wanted to go with this new very hungry young label.

Musicscan: i read that the idea (and some of the songs as well) of Last Of The Famous has been already born, when Porcell did his last Shelter touring, right? This is a longer time ago, so what's the reason why your debut release took so much time before it has been released these days?

Last Of The Famous: Its al long story, but me and porcell and alex all quit shelter at the same time, we then already knew that we wanted to do a new band together, we started the band and did some demos, and then I got deported out of u.s. I wasn't doing anything alegal, but it was right after September 11 and they were really rough on everyone. We thought the band was ended forever, but then I got a job for a Swedish sensation called the sounds, I was there tour manager, got a new visa for u.s , and then on time of inbettween tours with them we would start doing the band again , practicing and finishing a record. So that is pretty much the story about that , even if I could tell all the crasy thoughts we had on trying to get me back in to the country to be able to do the band, ha ha ha, it was a rough but fun time to think back on.

Musicscan: when did you actually record the songs and what have been your first rehearsels like after getting the line-up together?

Last Of The Famous: We recorded the recod over the last like 3 years, at times, it was hard because we were so spread out. But we have been prectaing as a 5 pice just for the last like 5 months. So not for a really long time. But now we are really ready to go out and rocj the funckin world, and im so fuckin exited.

Musicscan: does it feel good to release a new record, your first full length, with a new band? what have been your feeling seeing the record being available in the stores?

Last Of The Famous: Its awesome, its fun to walk around in stores and kind of make sure that people can se it in the store make sure that it is placed right, I also feel like people have been nice to us , more outside the hard core scene , but that press is giving it a fair chanse, it makes me happy. We are all very happy to be able to do the band, and I think people will get to se last of the famous grow for a long time, we are here to stay!!

Musicscan: do you guys feel that the record is a pretty good representation of Last Of The Famous' sounding as of right now?

Last Of The Famous: Yes I do , a melodic punk rock record with a touch of hard core, i think the hard core kids should give it a chanse, it's a fun record to listen to.

Musicscan: When you were writing the songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address?

Last Of The Famous: No not really, me writing the lyrics, I feel like I want to bring up important topics in my life, like supporting the straight edge and animal rights movment, + for kids to not be afaid to speak there mind about things in this world, its a lot of fucked up people and things going on out there. And people should not be afraid to stand up and fight back, I also sing about my personal issues in this long relationship that I was in it was so many good things , but so many bad sides in the relationship that I was in, I thought I had found the love of my life and instead I got completely destroyed and hard broken. Never wanna fall in love again, im not scared of a lot of things in this world , but that is one thing I wanna stay away from.

Musicscan: you have something that i would consider to be a strong pop-appeal. is this something that is important to you or something you were heading for?

Last Of The Famous: I don't know, I think we all have been in to a lot of melodic punk , it was very natural to write this record. Its kind of what just camt out when porecll wrote new songs, I personly love his song writing and im so happy to be the one writning lyrics over it.

Musicscan: how important is it to you have a positive outlook within your music and lyrics?

Last Of The Famous: Its important, but in the same time I feel like my lyrics can be a little dark sometimes, not in a bad way thoe, just personal things and life experience. I do want to make a point that I wanna bring back in to hard core and punk to not be afraid to sing about things that are important to people.

Musicscan: what lessons have you learned from being involved with punk/hardcore? What has it done for you?

Last Of The Famous: It has been my life since I became a teen ageer , this is all I know, I have no education and nothing to fall back on ,in punk and hard core is were I belong and within this scene I will probaply always be involved. I do think that hard core is the most juge mental scene, I think that kids have to be a littlebit more openminded about that people do change . clothes, lifestyle, type of music you write , its just the way that things grow on you sometime.

Musicscan: name someone or thing involved in the underground punk scene that you still respect to this day.

Last Of The Famous: Ian mackay from minor threat, everything he did for the scene and his way at looking at the world as a young hard core kid, I love that about him and I will always respect that til the day I die. Also the kids that I grew up with in vbg in Sweden, I respect them because they were always very loyal and good to me, people changed , but we keep out friendships threw the years. FFL

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for the bands future?

Last Of The Famous: Like I said , my biggest wish right now is that kids will give us a chanse and check it out. To be able to tour a lot and have a lot of fun travelling around the world with my best friends playing the songs that I love and are proud of. I hope that we will have people at our shows enyoing it with us. Also that we will be able to do last of the famous for a long time ahead.

Musicscan: anything left you want to say?

Last Of The Famous: Stay positive all of you out there reading this, and please support us when we come threw, lets have some fuckin fun together. Also lets bring some action a dangeour back in to punk and hard core, don't be afaid to stand up and speak your mind, just fuckin do it!!! I hope to see you all out there soon. Peace im out. Daniel Larsson xxx

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