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Lost, The

Interview von: arne mit Sean, am: 16.09.2004 ]

„Love is always worth a pain...” heißt es in einem Track der Debüt-MCD von THE LOST auf Lifeforce Records und dem Thema der Liebe haben die Musiker all ihre Songs gewidmet. Throwdown, Adamantium, Farside und Open Hand sind die Stationen, mit denen die beteiligten Musiker für Aufsehen sorg(t)en, doch hier spielen sie melancholischen Dunkel-Rock mit nur latenten Hardcore-Roots.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about The Lost at first, please. What did you want to achieve musically when you build up this band?

Lost, The: Brandon and I ( sean ) have wanted to do a band together for a long time. We did this band when we were younger called Swingset In June (1998 or so), that was one of my favorite projects of my life so far, because I loved brandons Ear for harmony and It was very passionate music. So last summer we happened to hang out quite a bit and wanted to start another project, more about the music we were listening to at the time. A band that could both be melodic and catchy, but also one that could rock the fuck out, with ideals of revolutions for love, but first and foremost revolutions about the way we think.

Musicscan: What have been your first rehearsels like and how did you find the style of music you are playing now?

Lost, The: first rehearsals were quite different a lot more on the melodic and the slow side. And they were rough for us. Brandon hadn't really played guitar in a few years. and I had never tried to really sing for a band. So there was a lot to overcome.

Musicscan: How would you evaluate the progression you have gone through, and in what direction are you currently progressing?

Lost, The: I really can't stand when people shun styles of music because its not in their "scene" of whats cool. It leads to such narrow mindedness. I remember doing this when i first got into hardcore and now i look back and see what I missed out on that would of made me a way better musician and human at this point in my life. When your younger i don't think you really embrace the ideals of hardcore, its more of just a click or group that accepted you, or in my case thats how it was. But now I feel like more it was part of my path on this earth, that I was surrounded with these ideals of Unity to spread the word to a larger genre. This band is Our First attempt to spread these Ideals to a much larger audience, Unity for the Masses, HOPE, COMPASSION! and even if the records only sells two copies that someone trully understands what I am speaking of, that a good start for me. THAT more than anything is what I will always attempt to DO and progress towards.

Musicscan: Do you guys feel that your first mcd is a pretty good representation of bands sounding? I have heard that you already have written new songs that sound different to what we can hear on the mcd...

Lost, The: I really don't know what music I or we will eventually write when the time comes, its just what comes out. So im sure in 5 years from now, the sound will be much different, but always with the same messages.

Musicscan: When you were writing the songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address? How did you go about writing your songs?

Lost, The: Definatley, the loss of love, the loss of trust, the loss of caring, the loss of magic, the loss of hope, the loss of beauty, the loss of unity. Its weird for me when i try to write, I can't. Its only when I turn up the volume, relax, and just sing and the words come out, that I get what I want to say down. Its quite a phenomena actually, Ive met many musicians like this, it really makes you wonder where music and Ideals come from.

Musicscan: Were there any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting process? Maybe you didn't get into the right mood to play this dark kind of rock music all the time...

Lost, The: we wrote and recorded within 6 months, while going to school or working full time, on a thousand dollar budget that we paid half of.... i think it went pretty smooth. other than me overcoming the fear to sing.

Musicscan: How long did you work out the track list to create the particular mood "Hidden Beneath..." is including?

Lost, The: the songs are more in an order of importance to me personally i guess

Musicscan: Your mcd covers a lot of bases - there's something for everyone from alternative-rock, goth to even hardcore i guess. Were you going for a more inclusive approach or is it a result of your own diverse musical interests?

Lost, The: I really think we were just playing music that we liked, and im sure our pasts have had an impact on us that we will never be able to leave behind and would never want to.

Musicscan: I'm interested in how you came up with the band name, cause I think it can really sums up what the listener gets!? What's the idea behind The Lost? It's very general...

Lost, The: Well I hope the listen doesn't get lost, haha, Its more so for the ones that feel lost, depressed, I was there for a long long time. THIS IS US, OUR STORY, OUR SOLUTIONS, and hopefully it can help someone out there going through the same thing. And let them know they are not alone. that i think is the scariest thought in the world to some, to be alone. but it shouldn't be.

Musicscan: I already read some reviews telling about the new all-star-band The Lost. Personally i think it's not that helpfull, cause people may expact something different hearing about the involvement of Farside-, Open Hand-, Adamantium-, Throwdown-members. What are your thoughts on this?

Lost, The: I guess its just more of a respect issue, If anyone out there has ever appreciated us for one of our past bands, regardless of the reason, Im sure they will find that somewhere within the lost, even if the music is not entirely the same. basically if you have respected us for the variety of bands that we have involved ourself so far, that you would try to give us a listen.

Musicscan: Do you feel like being limited in some ways, because of your background within those mentioned bands? I can imagine, that this is one of the reasons why people pay attention in the beginning...

Lost, The: I sure there are people out there that hate our other bands, and would never give us a listen because of that, but then this CD is not for them, rather for those with an open mind, and are seeking what we have to offer.

Musicscan: Did you already play live shows? What kind of people you have seen as your crowd and what have been their reactions?

Lost, The: Unfortunatley We have only played one show thus far, because of our other bands, and us not having a permenent drummer. The response, haha, well I would say I think the boys and girls were suprised.

Musicscan: Speaking about the lyrics: Everythings very emotional and personal. Am i right to say "LOVE" is the main topic of the mcd?

Lost, The: very right, but the one thing i don't want people to think is that love is only for intimate relationships . Love is a general word for everything Great about this world of mystery that we live in. as they say "Love is ALL WE NEED"

Musicscan: By the way: What is the actual status of The Lost? Is it just some kind of project?

Lost, The: The lost is a project. But this will not be the last of it. regaurdless of who the members are the next time around, the lost will never end. The newer stuff, is Heavier, more melodic, and even more varying of styles.

Musicscan: I was surprised finding "Hidden Beneath..." released by Indecision in the states and Lifeforce in europe. Both labels are not know for that dark-mooded kind of music, so how did this happen?

Lost, The: the Hardcore Spirit is still alive. Look into UNITY. its been around since Buddah.

Musicscan: Your biggest wish to happen for bands future? What can we expact from The Lost?

Lost, The: hopefully you'll leave you expectations at the door, and just take a listen to a guy that really wants to make a positive impact for the existence of man kind.

Musicscan: anything left you want to say?

Lost, The: we follow a path, there is ups, there are downs, just sit back and enjoy the ride email me (SEAN ROSENTHAL) roseyforshort@aol.com and thanks to INDECISION and LIFEFORCE for putting our dreams in reality

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