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Under Byen

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Henriette Sennenvaldt, am: 21.06.2004 ]

Wer auf dem letztjährigen Haldern Pop Festival war, wie sich das ja eigentlich gehört, wird dort hoffentlich eine Band gesehen haben, mit der keiner so wirklich gerechnet hatte und die doch die Kinnladen reihenweise nach unten schnellen ließ. Die Rede ist natürlich von den Dänen Under Byen, die mit ihren zauberhaften und ungemein feinfühligen und intelligent arrangierten Songs absolut zu begeistern wussten. Und so war es nur eine logische Konsequenz, dass man dieses Konzert noch mehr Menschen zuteil werden lassen wollte und dies gleichzeitig mit einer Platte verewigte. Im Rahmen unserer Reihe "Zehn Fragen An" sprach ich mit der bezaubernden Sängerin Henriette über die dänische Musikszene, Ziele und natürlich vor allem Musik.


Musicscan: Please tell me a little bit about the Danish music scene. Where do you see yourself within that scene?

Under Byen: Not Henriette but Jesper answering this first one: I think the Danish music scene is pretty strong right now. The ties between the bands in Denmark are getting stronger. In many ways it still seems to me that Under Byen has a special position in Denmark. They don't sound like anyone else and are in many ways an well-respected outsider band...

Musicscan: Do you think you would sound differently if you weren't located in Arhus? In how far do you think your surroundings and the particulars of space are reflected in your music?

Under Byen: Humans are soft and carry with them the mark of their lives like the sounds from your surroundings. But still our world is small and music is beyond distance and borders.

Musicscan: How does your songwriting process work? Is there one major songwriter or does everybody contribute equally? Are there ever any conflicts and how do you resolve these?

Under Byen: Thorbjørn, Katrine and Henriette write the songs and then we arrange them altogether. The beauty of this process is sometimes generous and sometimes hard to find.

Musicscan: In how far has the band progressed musically as well as personally during the last 9 years? Have the goals and aspirations of the band changed over the years?

Under Byen: In many ways the goals are still the same as when we started out: to satisfy ourselves by playing music.

Musicscan: What are you particularly trying to convey with your music? What would be the biggest compliment with regard to your music for you?

Under Byen: The biggest compliment is to work together with someone that you admire and respect.

Musicscan: Do you think there is a direct relation between music and the reality of life or would you say they are two separate entities and do not or should not necessarily reflect each other?

Under Byen: Of course I do. I don't think there is anything that exist which is not a reality of life.

Musicscan: How do you deal with criticism? Who can criticize you?

Under Byen: Everybody I guess. I remember someone saying that our band sounded like Kelly Family on acid. I felt really hit by that, it is so funny and true. I don't have a lot of illusions that people can take away. I am sure they are all right.

Musicscan: Is the band and music a priority in your life or are there other things that are more important to you?

Under Byen: I think we have all become quite addicted to the band and it's hard to imagine life without the band / music.

Musicscan: What inspires you on a daily basis? Where do you draw your energy from in order to be creative?

Under Byen: To me the work is about intimacy and to surrender and the need to be in that mode and mood.

Musicscan: What can we expect from Under Byen in the near future?

Under Byen: Who knows? Not me...

Musicscan: Current favorite records and books?

Under Byen: Current favorite artists: Boom Big and Le Tigre. Books: Something with pictures in it...

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