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Interview von: Janick mit Costas, am: 04.07.2003 ]

Das Griechenland eben mehr zu bieten hat als den von Herrn Bockelmann (alias Udo J.) besungenen Wein dürfte jedem von uns klar sein. Mit ihrem Debut "Incarceration" schaffen es Bullethole ein fettes Ausrufezeichen zu setzen! Auf dem Album regiert eine fette Thrash Keule garniert mit fettem Groove und einer ordentlich Portion Mosh unterlegt mit Double Bass Dauerfeuer. En gros würde ich den Sound von Bullethole als grobe Mischung von The Haunted und Hatebreed beschreiben. Mit Sänger Costas spielte ich das allseits beliebte Q&A Game.


Musicscan: First of all, please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Bullethole: We are four members for he moment in Bullethole. It's Andreas on Guitars, Leyteris on Drums, Kyriakos on Bass and me on vocals. I'm Costas...

Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about BULLETHOLE`s history please. How did you guy get together etc.

Bullethole: It all begun in late 1999 by Andreas and me. We had many member changes until early 2003 when Kyriakos joined the band...he is the newest in the band. During these three years we recorded a Demo CD entitled "Hollow" and a four track Promo CD called "Moment of Hate" under the name Human Decay. When we signed to Black Lotus records we changed our neme to Bullethole due to a german electro band called Human Decay and so...here we are talking about our first release!!

Musicscan: How were the reactions on your first album "Incarceration" so far?

Bullethole: Pretty damn good. In many cases I'm quite surprised by the reaction of the press but mostly from those who listen us for the first time. It's a great honour for us to know that there are people around the world who like what we create...

Musicscan: Do you feel comfortable if people say that you sound like a mix between The Haunted and Hatebreed? Would you agree?

Bullethole: I think it is pretty close to what describes our music style better. It's not a perfect description but it's OK with us...

Musicscan: Which bands would you name as your main influences?

Bullethole: Definitely Slayer, Sepultura, Machine Head...Pantera of course, Stamping Ground...these two you mention before ....and I can go on for ever!

Musicscan: Why do you choose "Incarceration" as the title of your album?

Bullethole: Well it's one of our favourites songs in the album and a pretty strong word...you know with a strong meaning. It sounded cool so why not?

Musicscan: Do you felt incarcerated ? if yes, why and in which way (perhaps musically or as an artist)?

Bullethole: The basic idea behind the lyrics of the song is about being incarcerated in a system in which you think you have the control, but you are just as incarcerated by this like anyone else who is under your control...Now I sometimes definitely feel incarcerated by the whole system...you know "got to work, make a family ,grow up " and other principles that society has and you just have to bow your head and say ok...Anyway...

Musicscan: How would you decribe the sound of BULLETHOLE to someone who never heard your music before?

Bullethole: Hmmm....that's a tough one....probably something like modern thrash with hardcore groove...I really don't know and to be honest I don't really care about naming it...

Musicscan: For your first album you also use all songs of your 4-track promo cd called "Moment Of Hate". Where do you see the differences between the older songs and the new ones?

Bullethole: Well the new songs are more...Bullethole...more technical, faster and with more groove. Wait to see our next album...hehe...

Musicscan: Are you totally satisfied with the result of your work or is there something you could have done better?

Bullethole: Some small details like the snare sound or some vocals, but generally we are pretty much satisfied with the result...it's actually better then we expected to be be when we started recording it.

Musicscan: If you should summarise the message and atmosphere of BULLETHOLE's music in one sentence. What would it be?

Bullethole: Bad as a muthafacka! Hehe..I am supposed to say something like that right? "We are the meanest and we eat babies for breakfast"!!! oh shit...I forgot to mention we have green skin...arghh....In just one word: RAW! Whatever...

Musicscan: A guy named Nick played the bass tracks on "Incarceration" why isn?t he a permanent member of BULLETHOLE? Or are you in search of new bass player?

Bullethole: Not really ...thankfully we found Kyriakos we is an very good friend and a very capable bassist so for the moment we are just ok! Nick was just a good friend who helped recording this album and we will always thank him for this...and for his contribution in "Molestias" Thanx Nick!!

Musicscan: What are you guys doing in "real" life beside the music (work, studying...)?

Bullethole: For the next yearAndreas and Leyteris will be in the army, I'm in search of a job and kyriakos is working...nothing special really..

Musicscan: When can we see you performing live here in Germany. Any tour plans so far?

Bullethole: Cause of Andreas and Leyteris we won't be able to have any shows for the next year...but we will arrange something if you pay our expenses to come to Germany!!! Unfortunately we won't tour at all for "Incarceration". Maybe with the next one...

Musicscan: What are the plans for your near future as a band?

Bullethole: At the moment we are just promoting "Incarceration" in any way we can and we have begun writing new shit for the next album...really looking forward to record this stuff!

Musicscan: Any last words or something you like to add?

Bullethole: Thanx for your interest! I hope everyone likes our album and buy it...and then call us to Germany for a tour!!! Take care!

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