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Boston Manor

Interview von: arne mit Henry, am: 21.12.2016 ]

„Be Nothing“ ist ein Vollzeit-Einstand geworden, wie man es sich erhofft hat. Die Mixtur aus Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk und Emo wird von den Debütanten variabel ausgelegt und mit jedem Stück anders zusammen gesetzt. An einem verbindenden Rahmen und mitreißenden Ohrwürmern mangelt es dabei nicht. Egal, ob BOSTON MANOR mit quirligem Tempo oder gefühlsbetont langsamer aufspielen; eingängig und hitverdächtig sind alle zehn Stücke von „Be Nothing“.


Musicscan: From the outside perspective you keep on following your DIY roots and ethics with your debut album while the circumstances have become more professional: is it hard to stay true to what you come from and to find an arrangement with the industry mechanisms, now, that you gained first attention? What lessons have you already learned from being involved with hardcore/punk/emo for some time now?

Boston Manor: I'm a firm believer that a band should start off DIY. In the current climate of the music industry a band has to be savvy, self sufficient and hardy in order to survive. The skills and ethics we learned as a DIY band are things we still use every day. We have an amazing team behind us now, but having to do everything ourselves gave us a strong work ethic; now we're always trying to push ourselves to do more, do as much stuff as we can ourselves to free our team up to do their thing. Some bands don't have that DIY beginning and I think ultimately they end up with a warped view of what being in a band is actually about.

Musicscan: Everyone is always speaking about the so-called difficult first album of a band. Looking back on the creating process - was it this difficult? What stands out in your mind, and what do you remember best about the chemistry within the band while creating Be Nothing?

Boston Manor: Yes and no to be honest. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves; you can only record your first album once and I think we were very aware of that. We spent weeks just writing parts of songs and then scrapping them. But once the ball started rolling things really picked up and we settled into the process quite quickly. At times it was hard but I love writing songs, my friends are such talented song writers, we have a really great chemistry; always pushing each other to improve our craft.

Musicscan: How do you deal with expectations? Is it easier or harder to come up with new songs nowadays knowing that there are fans waiting for new tracks, and people showing interest in what you are doing whether with your band?

Boston Manor: To be honest I've never really thought about it, I think we'll be a little nervous when it comes to writing LP2 but I'm also really excited for it. I think it's important to do what you want to do and not let expectations distract you.

Musicscan: When you started the work for Be Nothing – was it your decision to just let creativity flow, or how did you go about writing the record?

Boston Manor: We took Saudade as a little bit of a blue print with the aim to expand on it. We had a lot more room to expand the sound and push ourselves creatively.

Musicscan: You are playing pretty emotional songs with personal lyrics: but is there the necessity to create a certain distance between you and the songs and lyrics in order to get a better understanding of its inherent quality when it comes to writing them? How are you handling such questions?

Boston Manor: It's a hard line to traverse, I want to express myself, I won't write songs that aren't relevant. But at the same time I want people to be able to connect with the songs on their own level, so you don't want to ram your own experiences down their throat too much. The questions can be a little difficult, there's a couple of songs that I'd rather not discuss the gory details of.

Musicscan: Are there specific aspects on Be Nothing that stand out in your mind, or aspects that have an inner meaning to you you would like to share with us? Is there an underlying idea behind the album that can stand for the record as a whole?

Boston Manor: The album itself is about the idea of guilt. Be Nothing is the idea of letting go of those feelings, letting go of any responsibility toward your emotional burdens.

Musicscan: Lyrically and musically your music seems to stand for a certain kind of “emotional intelligence” that sometimes gets missed in nowadays music. Do you as an artist ever think about your lyrics and music in this particular way?

Boston Manor: Thanks very much. Lyrics are very important to me, it's the main part of the song writing I really get to own. I've always wanted to be poetic in my writing but I have no time for laziness, I think music in some areas is getting dumbed down and I always want to encourage people to think and ask questions.

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