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Born From Pain

Interview von: Arne mit BFP, am: 05.06.2003 ]

BORN FROM PAIN sind über sich selbst hinaus gewachsen und legen mit "Sands Of Time" ein Album vor, das sie auf eine Stufe mit Hatebreed`s "Perseverance" stellt, kein Scheiß! In punkto metallischem Tough-Guy-Hardcore sind die Niederländer den Amis ebenbürtig. Direkt, kompromisslos, ungemein aggressiv und temporeich ist ihr neues Album ausgefallen. "Sands Of Time" ist zweifelsohne eine der besten Platten, die im europäischen Hardcore bisher überhaupt erschienen sind. Die Mischung aus messerscharfen Slayer-Riffs, fiesen Breakdowns und super-angepissten Vocals ist nahezu perfekt in Szene. BORN FROM PAIN sind eine der professionellsten Hardcore-Bands Europas und nun ist es an der Zeit, auch über die engen Grenzen der Hardcore-Szene hinauszublicken.


Musicscan: at first: give our readers a short briefing about born from pain, please.

Born From Pain: Born From Pain was started in 1997 by Che-vocals, Servee-guitar, Wouter-drums and Rob-bass. After releasing a split 7, our firts MCD Ïmmortality "saw the light of day. We played out a lot, toured a lot and recorded for our second effort, "Reclaimin The Crown" , our first release on Gangstyle Records. In the meantime Stefan had joined the line-up on second guitar. In the meantime we toured several times to promote that cd to the fukllest. Amongst others we did tours with Biohazard, Hatebreed and Agnostic Front. At the beginning of this year we recorded our second full-length effort "Sands Of Time" with our new and current line-up, which has Karl on guitar (instead of Servee) and Pieter on drums (instead of Wouter). It has been released for a week now and reactions are incredible.

Musicscan: how did you guys came together? what were your first rehearsals like? how did your sound develop since you started out?

Born From Pain: We have always been close friends , so we just decided to pick up instruments and start a band. Some of us had band experience, some hadn't. The sound developed and matured a lot over the past years. We are very happy with the new songs and the way they turned out. Our first rehearsals were funny and exiting. We were very eager to start a new thing and play live. Exiting time, those first months in the rehearsal room!

Musicscan: what's worth to speak about bands history? what have been your highlights so far?

Born From Pain: Oh, all the cd's we've done so far, I'd say. I mean releasing a cd is always a highlight for a band , I guess. The bigger tours we've done and the bigger fests we've played, like Resistance Tour, European Hardcore Parties, Dour Fest, etc. Those are all tours/shows with a lot of exposure and that all went really great for us. We're really happy with that. Also the sales of "Reclaiming the Crown"and the sales for "Sands Of Time"until now! Which are definately very good for a hardcore band on a hardcore label, I'd say.

Musicscan: a lot of bands told me that you guys are really kind and hard-working people, so you earned a lot of respect and recognition. if i speak to US-bands they usually know and like you. what makes the difference? what separates born from pain from other european bands being around?

Born From Pain: I do consider us a hard-working band. We have played over 300 shows the last 3 years. That's a lot! Especially for a European band, I think! I guess that is what might set us apart from most other European bands... we work a lot and hard for the band. We don't do stuff half-way and always try to make sure people are not dissapointed by the band in any way. We put a lot of effort in our live-sound too. Which, in our case, meant a lot of money. and we never play a show to just play it. We always go for it the full 120%. I dunno if that sets us apart too, but that's what the band is like. It's nice to see and hear people respect us for that and like us. It means we are doing something right!

Musicscan: what's your self-understanding of born from pain- what does your band stands for? what are the goals you want to reach with your music& lyrics?

Born From Pain: Well, a lot of lyrics are pure personal stuff, although there are more and more lyrics that deal with social criticism... We are definately not a political band that wants to try and change the world, but we definately are critical of the situation we and our world is in. We do voice that more and more through our lyrics or on stage. We just wanna make music that people like and go crazy to, cos we do to! I hope people see a bit of themselves in our lyrics and see that other people feel the same things and way about certain things or be critical of stuff that happens around them.

Musicscan: speaking about your main values for life. what are they?

Born From Pain: Respect others, to gain respect yourself, have pride in your accomplishments, don't let life and people drag you down, try to be loyal to those loyal to you, give love and get loved in return, respect life. All these values and the flaws that all humans have in keeping those (certainly me) are reflected in our lyrics.

Musicscan: are there any principles you would never give up to?

Born From Pain: I'd never give any of these values up. Most of them are the mainspring for life for me. Giving them up would make life not worth living...to me at least. Sometimes there are flaws in sticking to those values and you stray from the path you try to folloow for yourself, when it comes to the values and standards in your life, but I try to keep all of them as close as possible.

Musicscan: what do you think - what kind of image have people in mind when they think of born from pain?

Born From Pain: Oh, i think most rate us under mean, tough, scary and angry hardcore guys that try to play metal music. Well, I can tell you, we are angry , we do play metal-influenced hardcore but we are not tough guys or assholes. People label bands and people quickly. Just because the music is hard, it doesn't mean we're a bunch of assholes. Come check it out!

Musicscan: a lot of people would call you tough guy i guess. do you have problems with this labeling? what sets you apart from being such a band if you are not familiar with it?

Born From Pain: Like I said, I think all that labeling sucks. It just puts you in a place you don't wanna be. We are far more than a band that wants to represent just a little part of hardcore or hard music. We wanna represent hard music/hardcore in total. Labels say something about music and attitude of a band, well we don't have such an attitude... But if it suits people to do that, then whatever... For more open-minded people; check us out, get in touch, whatever... we are not limited to something...

Musicscan: how did you get involved in that kind of music you are playing? why did you want to become active musicians? what has been your motivation when you once started?

Born From Pain: Oh, I have been playing in hardcore bands for the past 15 years now. The energy of a crowd of people and making your own creations and playing them to people is just amazing. Once you've been performing, you just wanna go on and on! With Born From Pain it was not different. we just wanted to play and perform as much as possible. It's addictive! Another thing was that we wanted to do that with the group of friends we were, and that worked out just great!

Musicscan: you have been around for a while now. how was your experience of this whole hardcore-thing changed through the years?

Born From Pain: well, some things change for the better, some change for the worst, you know. Not everything that used to be was good, and not all stuff that goes on now is cool. I like the way hardcore has grown over the years and on the other hand I hate all the bullshit that goes on in it because it got bigger. Every advantage has it's disadvantage... I like the way the scene is now though, even with all it's dislikes... There's way more variation, and more opportunity to cross-over to other hard music scenes, which is great!

Musicscan: what kind of hardcore- people can relate to your music - what do you think? i mean, there is more than one generation listening to hardcore and there is definately more than one style...

Born From Pain: I think everyone into hard music could relate to the thing we're doing. I think we got the energy and the vigour of old-school, the heaviness and the agressiveness of new-school/metal and everyone who likes that or something inbetween has a good chance on liking us. I hope people give us a chance that hadn't until now, either because they thought we were some kind of a gangster outfit (???) or assholes or just not metal or whatever enough. I think there's something in Born From Pain, for everyone into hard stuff.

Musicscan: i am sorry for my next question but i have to ask for it: why did you choose to name your band born from pain? i never read an interview telling it, so i have to ask for it although i know 90 percent of the interviewers will do so...

Born From Pain: Because at the time we started the band and ran into this name, we were or had been going through some personal grief and bullshit and the name Born From Pain, just suited the sense of that period in time for most of us perfectly. It still does... All the music and lyrics are born out of a deep sense of anger, frustration and pain, so what better name than this one?

Musicscan: i have in mind that you play lots of show and be on the road very often. right? how can you motivate yourself for being on tour here in europe? i sometimes drive bands and see clubs with only 20 people (or less) coming up to see a band...

Born From Pain: Because we just love what we are doing! we love our music and we love the energy of playing live! even if it is only in front of 10 people. Although I do have to say that we hardly ever play in front of those amounts anymore. Usually we get a fair amount of people at the shows we play and they mostly go off and have fun while we play. That is a big motivator too. Also, our name gets spread moer and moer. We do have plans to go to the far east and the US soon.

Musicscan: if i would say born from pain is some new, very proffessionell generation of a hardcore-band. what would be your comment?

Born From Pain: I'd say that that is probably a very valid statement. We just forced ourselves to up the level of professionality for doing the band, so we could set ourselves apart from most bands by which the scene is drowned nowadays. I think to be able to survive and to go places in hardcore nowadays you do have to be more professional in what you do. All depends on your goals and attitude though. The scene has gotten bigger oiver the years, with more bands, more shows, more cd's to buy, and if you want to survive there is no way around some professionalism in what you do. Thanx by the way...

Musicscan: it took quiete a lot of time to release this full-length. what have been the problems, if there have been some?

Born From Pain: Well, we needed to find a good studio to finally provide us with a sound that would match our live sound. We didn't really like all our former productions , so we were really picky with the studio and producer. Another thing was that we had a couple of line-up changes , which never stopped us from playing live, but did not allow us to work decently on new songs. That all changed when Stefan rejoined the band last year...

Musicscan: if you would summarise the message and atmosphere of your record in one sentence. what would it be?

Born From Pain: Dark, brooding, lingering pain and frustration strengthened throughout time.

Musicscan: your biggest wish to happen for the band?

Born From Pain: Grow bigger and more succesfull, within and out of the boundaries of the hardcore scene. Never loose the frespect of the hardcore scene in the process.

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