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Jets To Brazil

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Brian Maryansky, am: 08.01.2003 ]

Nachdem überall wild mit Meldungen um sich geworfen wurde, dass Jets To Brazil sich aufgelöst hätten, da Blake die Band verlassen habe, war es an der Zeit mal an der Quelle nachzufragen. Brian, seines Zeichens Gitarrist bei den Jets, beantwortete mir kurz meine dringendsten Fragen und räumte alle Unklarheiten beiseite. Man darf übrigens schon bald wieder mit den Jungs um Blake Schwarzenbach in unseren Breitengraden rechnen. Im Gepäck haben sie ihr erstklassiges neues Album "Perfecting Loneliness", das vielleicht sogar ihr bestes, weil vielseitigstes Album bis dato ist. Brian beantwortete meine Fragen zur neuen Platte, Country und New York City.


Musicscan: Of course I would like to start out with the question that probably interests people the most. What's going on with the Jets at the moment? Why did you cancel the tour?

Jets To Brazil: Well we're trying to get things going again. One of the guys had some personal problems to sort out.

Musicscan: How did Jade Tree react to the cancellation of the tour?

Jets To Brazil: They were very understanding about the situation.

Musicscan: What is your definition of a good song? What makes a song special for you?

Jets To Brazil: I don't think that there can be a definition of what a good song is. What makes a song special for me is the feeling that it conveys.

Musicscan: To me "Perfecting Loneliness" is like a perfect symbiosis of "Four Cornered Night" and "Orange Rhyming Dictionary", combining both the rockier elements of your debut album and the more laid-back and country influenced "Four Cornered Night". Would you agree?

Jets To Brazil: I would agree, but it wasn't a conscious decision. I think it happened naturally.

Musicscan: Are all band members equally involved in the songwriting process or is this mostly Blake's territory?

Jets To Brazil: Blake will usually bring in some parts or a verse and a chorus and we'll all assemble it from there, the songs usually go through a bunch of changes. But sometimes he'll bring in a song that doesn't change much from the first draft.

Musicscan: Please tell me a little bit about recording with J. Robbins? How is working with him and what kind of influence did he have on the record?

Jets To Brazil: He is great to work with. He has an amazing work ethic, which inspires a lot of really good ideas. He brought a good energy to this record for sure.

Musicscan: Was it your idea to include a multimedia track on the record or was that initiated by Jade Tree as a marketing tool?

Jets To Brazil: They suggested it and we thought it might be a cool thing to try.

Musicscan: Are there any new plans for "Cub Country" at the moment, since it looks like you guys are going to take a break for a little while at least?

Jets To Brazil: Jeremy is working on recording a new record. Not sure when it'll come out.

Musicscan: What drew you towards country music initially and why do you think there is sort of a second "boom" for country music not only in the punk community?

Jets To Brazil: I think we're all fans of good music regardless of genre, I'm not really sure what to make of the latest boom.

Musicscan: Does Jets to Brazil pay the bills or do you have to take on other jobs to make ends meet?

Jets To Brazil: Yeah, it pays the bills for the most part.

Musicscan: What would you probably be doing if you weren't into music? What are some of your other interests? How do you like to waste your time?

Jets To Brazil: I do photography pretty consistently, work on other music, go to movies, ride the bike, walk around.

Musicscan: As you live in Brooklyn, I'd be interested in how you experienced the attacks of 9-11. What has changed for the city, your neighborhood and you personally since then?

Jets To Brazil: I experienced it from a rooftop in Brooklyn, just staring helplessly towards the city. It was a very indescribable feeling. I feel like people in New York are a lot more cautious now, sort of paranoid.

Musicscan: To me, your music doesn't sound like it originated in a big, hectic city like NY. It is not very urban and it doesn't reflect the atmosphere of a city like NY. Would you agree?

Jets To Brazil: I think our music sounds more like an escape from New York. The city does affect the sound of the music though for sure.

Musicscan: What is a typical thing for the Jets to do on a day off on tour?

Jets To Brazil: Go to a movie, do some laundry, drive.

Musicscan: Your 3 favorite records, books and movies?

Jets To Brazil: That's tough. How about last 3 seen, read, heard. Last 3 records listened to. Donovan/fairytales, My Bloody Valentine/Loveless, Pete Yorn/Music for the Morning After. Last three books read, The people's History of the United State of America/Howard Zinn, Our Band Could Be Your Life/Michael Azzerad, 1964/Garry Winogrand(photography book). Last 3 movies seen. Far From Heaven, Black Cat/White Cat, Unbreakable.

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