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Zuul Fx

Interview von: arne mit Zuul FX, am: 07.04.2011 ]

Die Franzosen treten arg angepisst und völlig rücksichtslos in Erscheinung. Auf ihrem Drittwerk „The Torture Never Stops” ist der Titel Programm. Zurück stecken ZUUL FX nicht – sie gehen stets dorthin, wo es weh tut. Auf diese Art und Weise entsteht ein eruptiver, düsterer Heavy-Mix, der mitreißt und alles zementiert, was sie ihm in den Weg stellt. Dabei lassen ZUUL FX keinen Zweifel an der Ernsthaftigkeit ihres Band-Ansatzes aufkommen. Sie sind angetreten, ihre Hörer mit musikalischer Vernichtung zu überziehen. Keine andere Maßgabe kann „The Torture Never Stops” zugrunde liegen.


Musicscan: Being around for awhile, does it bother you when you see kids who ignore or have a different understanding of what heavy-groove-metal means to you? What was the biggest and the most primary reason you got into heavy music?

Zuul Fx: Well, for the first part of your question, the answer is easy... There are so many kind of music styles in which people could be involved in, that we don't have to care about kids who don't know our style or even the ones who are not nice with metal and us. Everybody feels different and to be honest, we have much more to care about our personnal stuff. I mean for exemple i have no idea about the jazz "world" and all its combinations... They're freaks to me! Hahaha:-) but i hope they don't care about my opinion. Now, i guess the main thing which brings us to metal music is our love for energy, guitars and a certain kind of loving being "different" when we were kids. We like sharp music, very technical. Metal is a beautiful ground of expression for the ones who like to make music with melodies, harmonies and energy at the same time! We love doing that... But It doesn't mean that we just listen to metal....

Musicscan: Zuul FX have always seemed to me to be an underdog band over here in Germany, always maintaining a high level of respect from critics and their peers, though never quite attaining the commercial success that the band was due. How do you feel about it?

Zuul Fx: When you do metal in France you know from the start that you don't do that for the money. Hahaha, metal musicians are probably the last true guys in music:-) We are very happy to have this "position" here in Germany, which is the same here in France, and i guess this welcome that you have for us is the most important to give us strenght to continue. Now, we have to understand that a Zuul Fx cd is not the priority of a metalhead when he has 20 euros in his pocket... He would rather buy a Slayer one or a Slipknot one... And he will download our album... That's the reality of the market... It's the same business for everything. Cinéma for example. You go to see the blockbusters on a Big screen but you wait for the DVD for all the " second priority movies"... Our feeling about that is quite "zen"... We know the conditions... The only thing we can do is to work more to try to become a "priority" and i swear it's realy difficult! It takes time and sometimes it never happens... Bu t we have fun anyway, and this "torture never stops" is a part of the process:-) this is the music that we likes to do... Now we just have to hope that more and more people are going to love it...

Musicscan: Tell me about the writing process for The Torture Never Stops: do you guys write individual and then bring the parts together, or do the songs come out of jamming?

Zuul Fx: "live free or die" was a jamming album because we wanted it to be like that at this moment. But with time, we realised that it's very difficult this way to go far in the ideas... You have to stop quite quickly the writting process when everybody is happy with the result... For "the torture never stops" we decided to let Steeve the singer and Karim our guitarist take care of the writting process. Clement our new drummer put some unbelievable drums part on the tracks they were proposing and i add myself the bass lines. The result is the only thing that we care of. We are very happy of the tracks we worked on and the ones we have chosen for this album.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the band during the writing and recording of The Torture Never Stops? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of the final product?

Zuul Fx: We had a total trust in Karim and Steeve and when they were working on a track we could give our opinion on everything. There is no Big "ego" in our band. We feel free to say whatever we want to everybody. But the rule was easy: they were taking care of the writting process. So when the Guitar riffs were good we were optimistic and when sometimes It was not "zuul fx style" enough, we had the right to say it and they were working more... Everything was rolling well. The chemistry was good and we are always the same "fun" band that we always were:-)

Musicscan: What song of the album do you feel is the most representative of all the facets of Zuul FX?

Zuul Fx: I should say "the song of the dead". You can find in this song this famous " metal'n roll" in the verse, a catchy chorus, and a very energic and brutal bridge... This is actually our style. But i have to add another track which will be "the torture never stops". It's maybe the new "face" of the 2011 Zuul Fx, combining with all the old stuff of course:-)

Musicscan: With the sound and crossover style that you guys have does it give you a lot more freedom when you’re going to record new material to go in a different direction and not be constrainted?

Zuul Fx: Well, for sure we always did exactly the songs we wanted to do and in the way we liked. That's why each album is different. The evolution of each of us in the band makes a new deal each time. You're right, we have a total freedom when we do something and as i said before, the most important is the result and the fact that we are happy with the result... Then we just have to hope that people will like It...

Musicscan: I feel your taste in music has widened a little bit. Were there any musical elements you meant to incorporate in your music for The Torture Never Stops?

Zuul Fx: Well, the big difference is that we decided finally to add some guitar solos in our songs. It was our mood. We wanted to let Karim express himself! He's a very good technician but he had also a hudge feeling on his instrument. Maybe "the torture never stops" is the most "complete" album we did. It's a mix between the two previous ones, completed by Guitar solos...

Musicscan: It seems to me that the new record has a bit more structure to it than Live Free Or Die. Is this part of the evolution of the band?

Zuul Fx: This album is made like a movie. From the first track to the end you can listen to a story, so maybe the entire album had to be more structured than the previous ones. The tracks are the parts of this story and they have of course different ambiances and moods, but they have also a logical relation between each others. We liked to do this new "exercize" and yes, it's probably something that we will continue to do in the future so an evolution in the band;-)

Musicscan: What in particular do you like about The Torture Never Stops? How would you characterize the band’s evolution musically to this current album?

Zuul Fx: Steeve and me, we are very big horror movies fans. We succeeded to give to this new album the taste of this kind of movies... Well, in our opinion we did! Hahaha. It's a very metal album, very wild, very fast, very "evil"... What we like the most i guess is that we have been able to give to this album the color we wanted... The songs, the artwork, the story told, etc... Everything has been made to make what we wanted. Just for that we are proud of it. Musically we follow our lovings in music and as i said, we do what we want... Maybe the evolution of the band will be to be able to put together all what we like to make originals tracks and then, originals albums.

Musicscan: Why did you feel the need to tell this story The Torture Never Stops on the album? What does it mean to you, and what should it mean for the audience?

Zuul Fx: It's metaphoric. Well, Zuul Fx is not a "message" band but it's just our point of view on the current society. By torture you have to understand "pain"... And everywhere in the world there will be pain around forever... Even the biggest efforts won't change anything. It's not pessimistic at all, it's just the reality... With the zombies, we wanted to go farther life, considering that even when people are dead they continue to be mean and to torture people... Hahaha, human beings are like that! Even dead they stay the same:-) have you ever thought about a nice a lovely zombie? No! A zombie is flesh and blood attracted... Like when he was living... This is the story of the torture never stops!

Musicscan: Final thoughts?

Zuul Fx: Well, Thank you very much for your smart questions. It's a pleasure to have the possibility to express myself on the best aspects of Zuul Fx, So Thanks for that!!! And we hope to see a lot of your viewers during the next "germany tour" which will takes place along september or october i guess, to be confirmed...