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Right 4 Life

Interview von: arne mit oliv, am: 05.12.2002 ]

Zur Tour-Präsentation gehört natürlich auch ein Interview, das hier nun endlich online steht und RIGHT 4 LIFE näher beleuchtet. Die Cro-Mags, Madball und Sick Of It All sind passende Referenzen für den Hardcore-Sound der Franzosen und wer diese Combos mag, sollte RIGHT 4 LIFE eine Chance geben...


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about right 4 life, please.

Right 4 Life: hello. the band started late '95 and play lots of shows since then in france, belgium, uk, italia, spain, siwzerland. they released 2 demo tape (1st one's good, 2nd average) a split 7" and a mcd/mlp "destroy babylon" that are not that great, a 7"/cds "give a light for truth" that is cool and finally, 3 years later, the new album "Off the beaten track" which is really something the band love.

Musicscan: your band has been around for a while but it took you 7-8 years to record your first full length. why?

Right 4 Life: Yes 7 years around. As stated above the band released several stuff before that album. But they had lots of troubles with line up, people leaving the band and new members living 1 or 2 hours driving away (which means 4 hours driving to rehearse). In plus the band is playing many shows, so for the past years they mostly rehearse to teach songs to the new members. When it comes down to writing new material, for this album, everyone wanted to write something with a personal style and to take full time for arrangement of each song and so on. All this together it took 6 years to put out a full-length. But most important is to feel really satisfied with the result, and also to share this feeling with many people accross europe/world.

Musicscan: is your band a popular act in your country? i guess you are not that well known here in germany...

Right 4 Life: yes the band is well known over france, but it's still a hardcore, just do not have the same popularity as the metal / nu-metal acts. when it comes to germany we just never played there so... the "destroy babylon" got some sells like a few hundreds i heard, but as we think this mini album is bad, maybe it'd have been better nobody heard it, ah ah!! Anyway the band is on tour in dec all over europe, so that's the time for people to heard about us really. Even if this first tour has little shows in germany, we hope the next to be bigger off course.

Musicscan: what bores you about hardcore music and how do you try to avoid to be boring?

Right 4 Life: sometimes it is just a reflection of mainstream society's bias. People judging on apparences, consuming music like any other product and being closed minded and quick to judge others. To avoid this i think Love is the answer, but it's so easy to speak, acting and thinking positive always are way more difficult. i'm just trying you know....

Musicscan: what's your attitude towards hardcore and its cliches? you fullfill a lot cliches people have in mind when they think of oldschool-bands i guess...

Right 4 Life: like said above, i guess that's something we originally tried not to reproduce in the hardcore scene but it ends up like in mainstream society : always categorize things and people, then judge and discriminate. cliche exist and i do have some but i really try to get rid of this prefab attitudes.

Musicscan: why did you chose to play especially this old schooled hardcore-style when you started? did your sound change within the years?

Right 4 Life: i do not think we play old school hardcore. SSD, BBrains are old school, we do have influences from SOIA to Shelter and even deftones and Slayer at times. For sure we're not a metal nor an emo band. We just call it hardcore, that's enough of a label. When we started nobody knew about YOT, chain of S or even madball in our area, so we had in mind to play old school hardcore, to demonstrate it was still alive. But with the years we just try to play our own style and not to prove anything (execpt to ourselves maybe.)

Musicscan: today it seems that more kids are interested in metal-hardcore. not that many still listen to oldschool and there are less bands outthere playing this sound. tell me something about the situation in the france, please. (i only know metal- and grind- bands from your country)

Right 4 Life: yes metal scenes have always been link to major label company and always appeal to huge crowd. With the melt of hxc and metal in the 90's that created a new genre that could please both audience so logically metal-core bands are more popular. i think same goes in every country, and in france also off course.

Musicscan: hardcore has always been a youth-related music full of fears and dreams - do you understand people turning their back to this scene when they become older?

Right 4 Life: sure, i understand people getting bored with some ideas that may sound naïve like the ones of "unity", "being ourselve" and the fact that the "little wars" between hxc scenes can be viewed as a stagnation for those people. But i do feel there's way more to acheive then just screaming out a few sentence. it's really a revolution of body and mind, a life long struggle to take control of yourselve and to try to know yourselve. to me Hardcore is like trying to get rid of all that is superficial and fake and to discover your true self. Reason why some "spiritually" or "religious ideas" are sometimes introduced in the scene. This way of life is linked to the music but not only, you can still be looking for real things and never compromising and live far away from the gigs and the scene in general.

Musicscan: what keeps your fire burning to be still on the road? what's your motivation running right 4 life?

Right 4 Life: sometimes i feel like droping it all would be a great liberation, especially when i got so much weight on my shoulders whith the pbs in my job + hard relation ships within the band. But i still got a lot to say and alot to acheive with the band, lots of idea that i want the world to know about. In plus 90% of my life is related to music, may it be hxc or else. So it's like leaving it all would also be loosing myself. One day i will feel the need to move on and express myself with different tools, but as for know this is my place to be.

Musicscan: your sound has a very ny-hardcore-styled flavor to it. are those BIG ny-hardcore-bands your main influences?

Right 4 Life: i guess so. like cro-mags, madball, soia... yes for sure, but it think we manage to really sound different. Anyway we tried to, as an answer to your 2nd question.

Musicscan: what's different about those older bands? why are so many people allover the world into their sound?

Right 4 Life: to me they're link to when i discover hxc in the late 80's, so that's part of my youth and of my life in general. In plus they are simply so great music wise, and i can really live through most of their lyrics.

Musicscan: how did you get involved in hardcore-music. have you been introduced by those new york bands?

Right 4 Life: i was skateboarding and some guys listened to DKennedy's or ST. i also bough a few punk rcds in locals shops and an other guy had a tape with DYS and YOToday songs, that was '87/88 and that was the big thing for me, totally into it.

Musicscan: why did you want to become active musicians? what has been your motivation?

Right 4 Life: at that time i had dreamt of being in a band and putting out a demo. that was like if a do that one day then i'd have acheived it all !!! so that's funny we're i am know.

Musicscan: speaking about right 4 life: what is your sound all about? why should someone listen to your songs?

Right 4 Life: people should listen to our music for the same reason they should listen to everyband : to discover new sound and to share something. then you can decide by yourselve what you like or dislike. About our sound, we want it it be powerful, violent but at the same time filled with melodies and to have some slower parts and hard breakdowns. We want songs to sound different but the whole records to keep an identity, some kind of a trademark.

Musicscan: i guess you still have to work regular jobs besides playing music - waht are you doing?

Right 4 Life: i'm doing THE AGE OF VENUS Rcds full time, other guys are working here and there, with lost of time un-employed.

Musicscan: what's you main focus arranging your songs onto: to have a catchy melodie and a good chorus?

Right 4 Life: there're not a lot a chorus in our songs, we do not wrote like the classic rock or punk way : that part then chrous then that part again. We try to keep something coherent the whole time, and also to keep it to the point and danceable. i try to keep songs not too long also.

Musicscan: "Off The Beaten Track" is straightforward and to the point. has it been your aim to record such a record?

Right 4 Life: yes really, also as said above i think many parts are violent, or melodic and even a bit metal, we really wanted to have different emotions released.

Musicscan: what is the song you guys feel especially proud of (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)

Right 4 Life: first one, the one with out lyrics and "inside". i think those are the best, but the one like "sheeps into wolves" or "life" are great to play live and much more aggresive, like "worn out" also.

Musicscan: are the lyrics equally important to the music?

Right 4 Life: i wrote them so i 'd say yes. i honeslty think the music is a more important 'cos that's MUSIC and not a book, but lyrics make the different between something you simply like and something that become a part of yourselve as you identify yoursleves to the words.

Musicscan: what are bands that surround you in france. tell me something about your local hc-scene, please.

Right 4 Life: local scene in nantes is To Learn (great and more converge like) , tromatized youth ( a fun side project) and papy boarding more old school like intensity or so. A lot good french bands, Please get link to some french label that release their cd'sof french bands and you'll discover many great acts. may it be old school, emo, brutal grind/hxc.....

Musicscan: what are your expactations for your tour starting within this month?

Right 4 Life: first of all to have some great fun !! in a more professionall way to let people know who we are and what music we play, 'cos they are many crowds that we need to reach. People can like us or hate us it's not a pb (i love you all anyway) but we want people to KNOW about the band, to have something real to judge : and that's our album "off the beaten track" and a live show.

Musicscan: something you'd like to add?

Right 4 Life: yes thanks a lot for the itw and for co-operation on this tour. thanxs you for reading this and see you all during the tour. peace, oliv.